How To Secretly Get Her Finger Size

Significance Of Diamond Rings
Significance Of Diamond Rings
Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

When planning to get a ring to propose, one of the common questions that most men have is how to get the finger size of their loved ones. If you do not get the finger size right, the engagement rings might become too loose or tight. So if you want to avoid resizing the ring after proposing, it is better to get her right finger size before purchasing it.

The following are some useful tips for you to know your better half’s finger size without her knowledge:

Get One Of Her Rings

If you can get hold of one of her rings, then it offers a great way to know the size of her fingers. You can take it to a jeweler who can measure it to find the size. But if you are planning a surprise and don’t want to make her suspicious, then it is better to be subtle about it. If you are getting it without her knowledge, then she might panic if she finds out her ring is missing. So it is important to take great care to avoid such situations.

Additionally, when you are getting a ring, it is necessary to make sure that it’s a ring that she wears on the ring finger. The size of different fingers can vary and the size of ring fingers on the right and left hands can also vary. So make sure that you are aware of these things when secretly snatching one of her rings.

Get Creative

If you cannot take her rings for a few days without her knowledge, then try to trace the ring on paper. Draw a circle on the inside and outside of the ring and take it to a jeweler who can determine the size based on the drawing.

Try It On Your Fingers

You can compare her ring size with your own fingers. Find if the ring fits any of your fingers. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, find out where the ring sits on your fingers.

Create A Story

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Tell her that you want to purchase a ring for your mother or someone special and ask her to help out. Make her join in your shopping trip and let her try rings on. This might help with finding her right ring size.

Resizing the ring can be expensive and might not be possible in some cases. If the ring has natural or lab grown diamonds set around the entire band, then it can be difficult to resize. So if you are planning to get such rings, then it is important to get the right finger size beforehand.

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