Everything You Want To Know About Heart-Shaped Diamonds

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The shape heart itself is the ultimate symbol of love and care. So you can imagine how special it is to propose using a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. The heart-shaped diamonds are unique and special than ordinary diamond cuts.

The most common type of diamond cut is the round brilliant cut. More than 65% of the diamonds sold are of round brilliant cuts. Being less popular is not a disadvantage for heart-shaped diamonds. They help your diamond ring to stand out from the ordinary and make you feel special.

Different types of jewelry pieces including diamond earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc can be made with heart-shaped diamonds. Moreover, you can also get lab-grown diamonds that are heart-shaped. Heart-shaped diamond rings are considered special and many celebrities use them.

A Quick Overview Of Heart-Shaped Diamonds

Even though they look different, the heart-shaped cut is inspired by the round brilliant cut. The number of facets of a heart-shaped diamond ranges between 56 and 58 and the pavilion mostly has 6 to 8 facets.

Heart-shaped diamonds show superb brilliance if they are cut to a high-quality level. The shape of the diamond also invites a lot of attention to the ring. Length and width are two important factors for a heart-shaped diamond. Varying their values can totally change the appearance of a heart-shaped diamond. Let us look in detail at how cut quality is important in heart-shaped diamonds.

About Cut Quality

As we already mentioned, heart-shaped diamonds have a unique appearance. When you are buying a heart-shaped diamond, keep in mind that cut quality is very important. Assessing the cut quality of a heart-shaped diamond is not as easy as reading a GIA certificate of other diamonds. GIA certificate of heart-shaped diamonds may not have all the details of the cut of the diamond. Overall cut grades are not provided in GIA certificates of heart-shaped diamonds. This makes it very difficult to assess these diamonds just by reading the GIA certificate.

Other Factors To Consider

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

You may have to examine the heart-shaped diamonds thoroughly before you buy them. Moreover, there are many other factors you should consider before purchasing a heart-shaped diamond. The important factors include length to width ratio, depth and table measurements, symmetry of the diamond, wings, and belly of the diamond, clarity, etc.

Selecting a heart-shaped diamond can be hard as you have to check numerous factors. But possessing a heart-shaped diamond can be mind full filling.

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