Engagement Ring Settings For A Subtle Glow

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

A lot of people go for sparkly engagement rings, while some others prefer a subtle and understated look for their rings. If the prong setting is too sparkly for you, then there is a wide range of other ring settings you can try to get a ring with less bling. The following are some of the best options you can try if you want a subtle glow for your engagement ring.

Bezel Setting

This can be a unique and bold option for you to try if you want a distinct option apart from the common look offered by the prong setting. The bezel setting involves surrounding your diamond with a small metal strip that can cover its entire circumference thereby firmly holding it to the band. Therefore, your costly gemstones won’t become loose in their setting which significantly reduces the risk of losing them.

People who prefer a subtle look for their engagement rings commonly prefer this setting, as it is not as sparkly as the prong setting. Additionally, this setting can offer maximum protection for your gemstones, as they are held using a metal lip that covers the entire girdle of the stone.

In addition to preventing the risk of losing your stones, the bezel setting can also help to reduce the chance of the chipping of your diamonds. This setting covers the most vulnerable points of a diamond including the girdle and corners using the metal. Therefore, it can prevent the direct hits and bumps that can cause your natural and lab grown diamonds to chip and crack.

Partial Bezel

The partial bezel is similar to a full bezel, however, in this particular setting, the metal strip covers the stone only partially. It can also offer better visibility for your stone along with boosting its elegance. Even though a partial bezel is a little more sparkly than a full bezel, its brilliance is still less than a prong setting. Therefore, it can also be a suitable option for people who want a subtle glow for their engagement rings.

Channel Setting

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

The channel setting holds the stones using a channel created of two metal strips. Even though it is commonly used for holding small stones set on the band of the ring, it can also be used for the center stone. This setting also covers the girdle of a diamond thereby greatly reducing the chipping of your stones.

Additionally, the brilliance created by this ring setting is lower than the prong setting, hence, your ring will be less sparkly.

So if you do not prefer too much glow for your engagement ring, then these ring settings are excellent options for you to consider.

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