How To Prevent Your Diamonds From Getting Switched?

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

A lot of people might be worried about the jewelers switching diamonds when taking their diamond rings for some repairs. If you have a big, costly diamond, it can be heartbreaking for you to lose it. However, if you have a real diamond, then there are some unique features to differentiate it from other stones. They can help you to find out if the jeweler swapped your diamonds.

The following are some of the unique identification marks for your diamond that can help you to identify your original stone.

Laser Inscription

If your diamonds are certified, then they can have a unique identification number given by the certifying laboratory. Gemological labs including the GIA, IGI, etc. will assign a number for natural and lab grown diamonds that can be useful for you to identify the stone in case of disputes.

The unique identification number will be laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. This number will also be present in the grading report. You can use this number to verify that you received the original diamond.

The laser inscription present in the diamond will be very tiny and you may not be able to read it with the naked eye. Hence, use a lens or loupe to read the unique identification number of your diamond.

Non-certified diamonds won’t have an identification number given by an authorized laboratory. This is why it is important to get certified diamonds.

Diamond Inclusions

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Like all of us have some unique birthmarks, diamonds have some internal inclusions that can be unique for each stone. Some diamonds are free of inclusions, but they are extremely costly. Most diamonds come with some form of inclusion. Some diamonds can have inclusions visible to the naked eye. But for some others, it might be necessary for you to observe them under a lens or loupe to see the inclusion.

These inclusions inside a diamond can act as unique identification marks for each diamond. When getting a diamond, make sure to inspect it under magnification to find out the flaws inside them so that you can check them later to find out if your diamonds are swapped.

Additionally, the grading report of each diamond will have a plot that depicts the inclusions inside a diamond. This plot can be helpful for you to verify the identity of your diamonds.

So if you suspect that your valuable diamond is switched by the jeweler, these unique identification marks can be helpful for you to identify your stone.

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