Choosing Between Princess And Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Diamonds with square shape is the favorite of a large number of people, as they offer a modern look to diamond rings. If you are looking for square-shaped diamonds, then princess and cushion diamonds can be a great option for you. Even though both of these diamond shapes are categorized into square-shaped diamonds, they greatly vary in terms of their appearance and features. Therefore, we list some of the important things you want to know about these popular diamond shapes.

Pros And Cons Of Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds feature a square shape that comeswith rounded corners. It has a long history which made it popular among people who adore vintage and antique ring designs. Some cushion diamonds can have a rectangular shape, so when getting these stones, make sure to consider the ratio to get your ideal shape.

The following are some of the pros and cons of cushion-cut diamonds you have to know:

They Are More Durable: As cushion-cut diamonds do not have pointed corners, it can be resistant to chipping. Hence, your cushion-cut diamond ring can be more durable.

They Have More Varieties: The shape of cushion-cut diamonds can vary based on the variations in the length-to-width ratio. This ratio decides whether your stone appears square or rectangular. Hence, you can get a range of options when choosing cushion diamonds.

They Have More Fire: Fire is referred to as the rainbow-colored sparkles produced by a diamond. Cushion-cut diamonds can create great fire thereby making them a stunning option for your engagement rings.

They Look Smaller: Cushion diamonds tend to be deeper, hence, their weight will be concentrated below the table. This can make your cushion diamonds look smaller.

They Have Less Sparkle: The sparkle and brilliance of cushion-cut diamonds can be less than many other diamond shapes.

Pros And Cons Of Princess-Cut Diamonds

The sharp corners of princess-cut diamonds make them distinct from other square-shaped diamonds. This diamond shape has some merits and demerits that are mentioned below:

They Have Great Brilliance: Princess diamonds have great sparkle and brilliance when compared to cushion diamonds.

They Can Hide Imperfections: The wonderful brilliance exhibited by this stone can aid to mask the imperfections well.

They Are More Fragile: The sharp corners of this diamond shape make it more vulnerable to damage.

Both princess and cushion-cut diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds. You can also get lab grown diamonds with these particular diamond shapes which make your purchase more affordable. It is better to compare these diamonds side-by-side to identify which is the best option for you.

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