Beginners Guide To Oval Cut Diamonds

oval cut diamond
oval cut diamond

Oval cut diamonds are among the most brilliant and glittering diamond forms out there. They are second only to round diamonds, in terms of elegance and fire with a modern vibe. Oval diamonds appear larger than other diamonds of equal carat size, have an elongating impact on fingers, and cost less than other diamond shapes, making them a refreshingly distinctive choice for an engagement ring.

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While the oval cut diamond may appear to be a new trend, it has been in use for hundreds of years and was first described in literature around 1800. This was at the time of the introduction of the brilliant faceting technique, which made the round diamond cut famous. Lazare Kaplan, a notable Russian diamond cutter, invented the contemporary oval cut diamond in 1957, with its 57-58 facets.

Benefits Of Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamond engagement rings are becoming extremely popular among people these days. One of the main reasons for this is they may appear to be greater in size than their actual carat weight. If you want a classic ring with a little something “out of the ordinary,” this is the ring for you. An oval diamond ring can make your fingers look elongated. Also, oval shapes are excellent at hiding flaws in the diamond.

Prices Of Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds are generally 10-30% less expensive than round diamonds, which are the most popular diamonds. This is partly due to the fact that oval diamonds are in lower demand, but the manner the oval diamond is cut also plays a factor. Oval diamonds are cut in such a way that more of the diamond rough is not wasted. Because of this retention, the

diamond earrings
diamond earrings

diamond is less costly to make.

It’s critical to always inspect stones in person because stone to stone comparison price isn’t as easy based on lab results alone. And, as with other diamonds, the greatest quality stones will command a premium, and the price will rise exponentially as the carat weight grows.

Final Thoughts

One of the most critical considerations when purchasing an oval cut diamond is determining your optimum length to width ratio. This ratio determines how the diamond will appear on the hand. Each oval diamond will appeal to your particular taste differently and will have various light performances depending on its ratio and other dimensions.

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